IRT Infrared-Drying Arch: How Does it Work on Your Vehicle?

IRT Infrared-Drying Arch

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs understands the importance to refinish your motor vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs has an IRT Infrared Drying Arch installed in one of our spray booths to help assist with more efficient and energy saving spray booth cycles to minimise the bake time.

The IRT Infrared Drying Arch cures the paint from the inside out without retaining solvents and moisture. 

Infrared lamps are built with productivity and efficiency in mind. 

Facts About IRT PowerCure Infrared Arch

  • Predominantly designed for drying 1-3 panels of the vehicle
  • Easy to cure loose parts (for example a bumper bar cover) or a complete car
  • No pre-heating of emitters required
  • Latest design and electronics
  • Energy saving 
  • Integrated laser sensors for exact positioning
  • Integrated power transmission in rails
  • Arch garage parking in 1.2 m extended booth
  • Online control system – drive, service, update, and programming via the Internet
  • Accessible graphics with self-instructive menus on the touch screen
  • Schemes for all types of paint material like water, solvent, clear, base etc.
  • Lifetime of lamps: 20,000 working hours

Advantages of Using IRT PowerCure Infrared Arch

To help minimise the down time of our customers being without their vehicles we can use (were applicable to the size of the refinish required) the IRT Infrared Drying Arch to assist in more efficient turn around repair cycles. The IRT Infrared Drying Arch cures the paint from both the inside and out without retaining solvents and moisture. Transmitting energy without contact into materials to produce heat and therefore efficiently drying paints or primers and removing residual moisture in the process.

Infrared emitters precisely emit energy directly at the wavelength that is best absorbed by and converted into heat within the respective material. They can be accurately shaped to follow the contours of the product where just very small areas are to be heated and they transfer heat radiation without contact, with high power, and within seconds. In this way, the quality is improved and accurately heat, dry, and cure modern coatings.

By using this equipment it saves Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs:

  • Energy – we can save on energy with the drying arch as we don’t need to have the entire spray booth if we are painting a few panels
  • Space – Reducing the need for more spray booths, allows Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs more floor space for preparation areas
  • Time – some curing cycles in the IRT Infrared Drying Arch can take as little as 30 minutes

Infrared emitters offer efficient heat and significant advantage compared to other heat technologies:

  • No precise contact with the product to be heated or dried,
  • High-quality drying/heating rate with the product to be heated
  • Infrared radiation can be focused where it is needed in a definite time,
  • Infrared emitters can be adjusted accurately to the material properties or geometry,
  • Cost savings with lifetime optimal infrared heaters 
  • Possibilities to link the IR system with air drying sections to regain the energy.

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Why is Spies Hecker Paint the Best Choice

Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker started in 1882 as a coach paint supplier and since has developed into one of the world’s largest suppliers of refinish products for Automotive Refinish Paint.

Spies Hecker has successfully created long-standing innovation by offering a user-friendly product range with extensive focus on technology integrations, advancements providing continuous education to distributors.

All About Spies Hecker

With over 130 years experience, Spies Hecker has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Automotive Refinish Paint, distributing to over 160,000 customers in 65 countries, launching in Australia in 1985.

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs has been using Spies Hecker for more than 6 years.  Spies Hecker’s continuous commitment not only to the supplier of excellent quality paint products, but service provided through their driven customer-focus technological solutions supporting the developing advancements of motor vehicles.

Spies Hecker has 36 approvals by Automotive Manufacturer brands such as Mercedes, VW, BMW, Ford, GM, Nissan and Toyota just to name a few.

With the launch of the first waterborne base coat system in 1994 (Permahyd 280/285) and 2010 (Permahyd Hi-TEC) saw a new environmental direction for conscious coating systems.

Spies Heckers high performing product range reduces processing times, integrate colouring management tools and offer regular on-site support from trained Spies Hecker representatives.

Why Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs use Spies Hecker

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs has been in operation for more than 40 years, and in this time we have used numerous different paint refinish suppliers.

Spies Hecker is by far one that we trust to provide a quality finish that aligns with the workmanship in both our repair and paint process. We understand the value our customers hold with their vehicles and we want to ensure we are able to return the vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

With the use of Spies Heckers waterborne paint products it allows Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs to be more environmentally conscious of the processes undertaken during the refinish process..

Both of our two spray booths run in conjunction with our 130 solar panels on the roof of our building. Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs has been able to see a reduction in our use of electricity, reduced use of paint materials with the use of Spies Hecker refinish products and more efficient operations of our spray booths (and cycle times) with the IRT Infrared Drying Arch.