We believe it is important to keep up-to-date with all relevant automotive information and latest technology advancements. We understand the nature of vehicles, are continuously developing and this is essential to maintain a high level of quality vehicle paint refinishing carried out by our Spray Painter technicians. We currently have two qualified vehicle spray painters, supported by two painter labourers.

We stay up-to-date using multiple different avenues of information. The information comes from a combination of vehicle manufactures, parts suppliers, paint suppliers, Motor Traders’ Association, automotive magazines and Insurance companies research departments.

To maintain this high level of quality vehicle paint refinishing on vehicles, we use a water-based paint company called Spies Hecker. Spies Hecker, originating in Germany, is considered not only one of the largest suppliers of refinish products, but also one of the most respected refinishing brands in the market today.

Why we use Spies Hecker:

  • High performance product range, reducing process times and energy costs
  • Integrated colour management tools – Spectrophotometer
  • Present in 65 countries
  • Over 135 years in refinishing products
  • It is the main paint product vehicle manufactures reply on. Spies Hecker has the most manufacture approvals (36 global approvals) than any other paint producer.
  • Easy and reliable to use in application

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