Customer Home Assessment

Typically for the initial assessment of your vehicle, we would require you to drive your vehicle into our smash car repair shop where we would take photos and note the repairs required. If you are not able to visit on-site for the initial assessment, please feel free to undertake the Home Assessment attached here.

Inform us immediately if your vehicle is:

  • Not steering correctly
  • If any warning lights appearing on the dash
  • Broken lights/windows
  • Doors not locking
  • Sensors not working
  • OR anything else of concern

We are more than happy to help you through this assessment process. If you need further assistance please email us at or call on 9890-3663.

*Please bear in mind the images taken may not be a true and/or accurate representation of the scape of damage (+ the repairs required). Our staff do their best to understand the damaged area (repair method, parts required, etc.) with the images received, and then to provide an estimated quoted and repair time

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