The Importance of I-Car Courses

The Importance of I-Car Courses

The Importance of I-Car Courses

I-Car launched in Australia in 2006 with training programs focusing on providing skills, education, training, and information to qualified tradespeople within the Automotive Industry, ensuring technicians remain up to date with today’s vehicle trends. I-Car provides the flexibility of courses to be conducted at training rooms, through virtual classrooms, and onsite. The individual is equipped with course material, instructor manuals, and most courses require a quiz and/or exam after completion.

Described as a “technical tsunami” by I-Car, the past few years have seen over 200 NEW vehicles, models, and re-designs enter the vehicle market. Numerous of these new vehicles have come with the introduction of new advancements of lightweight vehicle materials, safety systems that have and will continue to change the nature of both the vehicle and Automotive Industry. Gold Status prepares and supports businesses to meet the new advancements throughout the ongoing technological changes. 

Why does Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs undertake I-CAR training?

Our technicians at Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs undertake I-Car courses. A way to ensure our workplace knowledge and skill level is relevant to the latest vehicle systems and technological advancements. These courses include role-specific training for vehicle estimators, non-structural technicians, steel structural technicians, refinish technicians, production management, and aluminium structural technician. 

Training for our Technicians:


Estimators play an important role as they generally have the first interaction with the vehicle and the vehicle damage. Inspecting the vehicle allows the estimator to create a scope of repairs, allowing the estimator to analyze and evaluate the damage to provide a detailed assessment report.

Non-Structural Technician

Non-structural damage to exterior panels of the vehicle is returned to their original integrity, functionality, and appearance.

Steel Structural Technician

Trained Steel Structural Technicians restore vehicle dimensions and the structural integrity of damaged vehicles. 

Refinish Technicians

Refinish or spray painter technicians both prepare vehicles for paint. They also paint vehicles in a spray booth, restoring the vehicle’s refinish appearance back to pre-collision condition.

Production Management

Production Managers provide support to all technicians to oversee and efficiently manage the vehicle and workshop processes. 

Aluminium Structural Technician

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs has a dedicated Aluminium work bay where vehicles with aluminium panels are returned to the original integrity of pre-collision condition. 

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs is currently on the road to hold an I-Car Gold Status. I-Car Gold Status is the highest role-relevant training accreditation to Automotive Industry repairs Australia-wide. To earn I-Car Gold Status recognition, Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs is currently in the process of equipping our role representative technicians to achieve individual I-Car Platinum Status.